2015 Gonzalez Bastias Pais Matorral

I have always been a fan of wines that are rare and obscure. Back in the 80s, it was Santa Barbara, the Rhone Valley, and Bandol. In the 90s, I found my way to the Languedoc and Roussillon and even some British Columbia wines. In the 00’s it was Austria and New Zealand.

Along the way, I dabbled a bit with Argentina and Chile, but never found more than a handful of wines I liked such as the Catena family of Luca and Tikal labeled blends, a stnning Cabernet and Malbec from pal Patrick Campbell of Laurel Glen fame and also some from Paul Hobbs, that also come to mind from Argentina’s Mendoza Valley.

That’s why when I tasted a delightfully refreshing, summer weight red from Chile, I just smiled.

The 2015 Gonzalez Bastias Pais Matorral is made from 200-year-old Pais vines and is light, juicy and fruity all at the same time.

It’s got a sexy, light black raspberry nose and first taste give way to a mouth-filling black cherry wishniak, red licorice, and menthol and herb flavors. 

While some may dismiss this bio-dynamic wine as not quite a serious wine, I disagree. It’s as much of a fine wine as the hipster loved reds like Chinon and grand cru Beaujolais are. So to me, the 2015 Gonzalez Bastias Pais Matorral is a wine to be taken seriously. You should think that too.

That’s why the 2015 Gonzalez Bastias Pais Matorral is today’s WineSiders’ Wine of The Day!!!

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