2017 Feudo Desisa Lu Bancu

Italian white wines are food friendly, different and very enjoyable, especially when the weather is warm. And, wines from Sicily are rapidly gaining popularity.

One producer, Feudo Desisa, is riding that wave with delightful white wines that are perfect at this time of year. 

The 2017 Feudo Desisa Lu Bancu, made from the Catarratto grape, brings that Mediterranean climate, salt air, freshness to the very fruit forward wine.

The 2017 Feudo Desisa Lu Bancu is juicy and crisply fruity, with a lovely peachy bouquet, with flavors of dried limes, peaches and lime zest.

That’s why the 2017 Feudo Desisa Lu Bancu is today’s WineSiders’ Wine of The Day!!!

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