2019 Chateau Vannieres Bandol Rose

2020 has to be the oddest year for wine availability in many years across the USA. Between tariffs, Covid-19, and restaurants being forced to be delivery only for a long time have all made getting access to wines we love more interesting. But one constant has been the access to stunning 2019 rose wines. Without question, 2019 is going down as perhaps the best Rose year of the decade.

Take the 2019 Chateau Vannieres Bandol Rose that has once again proven to be an out performer, and is perhaps the best dry, light pink rose to come out of Bandol this year. 

Made from Mourvedre and Grenache, there’s a certain red fruit quality to the pink wine that makes it so seductive. It exudes blackberry and raspberry fruit, while dancing across your tongue. So just when I thought another 2019 Rose wine was my favorite, once again the Vannieres comes through like a champ.

That’s why the 2019 Chateau Vannieres Bandol Rose is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day.

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