2018 Pierpaolo Pecorari “RosAlba” Rosato Venezia Giulia

When it comes to Rose usually its France, and the wines from the Cotes de Provence, that come to mind. But there’s more to Rose than just what hails from there. Take Italy, where Rose is known as Rosato, and where the blending of grapes make for some very delightful and refreshing Rose wines.

Take the 2018 Pierpaolo Pecorari RosAlba Rosato Venezia Giulia. Here’s a really head turning blend of equal parts Pinot Noir and Refosco that starts off with a bit of spritz and then delivers dazzling flavors of cherry and berry all the way to the end.

Violets and lavender aromas first entice you, and then the cherry and cranberry fruit takes over as you sit back and enjoy this pink wine with or without food. Serve it with thin crust pizza smothered with cheese, or enjoy it with a fried fish sandwich or even a rich and creamy shrimp risotto.  

With only 5,000 cases made, this wine is one that’s worth seeking out, and that’s why the 2018 Pierpaolo Pecorari RosAlba Rosato Venezia Giulia is today’s Winesiders’ Wine of The Day!!!

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