WineSiders Events

WineSiders love to be where the wine action is. That means more than just tasting at WineSiders HQ, we go where the wine is.

Here are a few events you’ll find the WineSiders hunting for wines for you to know about.

January 2024

Millesime Bio 2024

Millesime Bio 2024 is the premier event for organic wine enthusiasts and professionals, offering diverse tastings and educational sessions. It’s an essential hub for networking, learning about organic viticulture trends, and discovering new opportunities in the organic wine industry, making it a must-attend event for wine aficionados. 

As the world’s leading organic wine trade fair, the anticipation within the wine community is palpable. This event is known for its dedication to showcasing certified organic wines is an essential destination for wine enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Millesime Bio stands out in the wine industry calendar for its commitment to organic viticulture. The fair brings together a vast array of exhibitors from across the globe, offering an unparalleled opportunity to taste and explore a diverse selection of organic wines. The event is not just about tasting; it’s a celebration of the organic wine movement and its growing significance in our lives.

For industry insiders, Millesime Bio is more than a wine fair; it’s a hub of knowledge and innovation. The event is packed with workshops, masterclasses, and panel discussions led by renowned experts in the field. These sessions delve into the intricacies of organic wine production, emerging market trends, and industry challenges.

Millesime Bio 2024 is an unmissable event for anyone involved in the wine industry or passionate about organic wines. It’s a place to network, learn, and discover the wines that will shape the future of organic viticulture. As a wine professional interested in wine, this fair represents an invaluable opportunity for business growth and industry insights.


April 2019

Decouvertes en Vallee du Rhone

Monday April 15th to Thursday April 18th The every other year four day Rhone discovery week is an opportunity to taste wines recently released,  soon to be released or in the barrel.  Now in it’s tenth edition, the 20 year old event is one that is all about discovery.

Daytime mass tastings occur first in the towns of Ampuis, Mauves and Crozes-Hermitage before moving to Avignon for the final two days. There are also Master Class sessions that are organized to provide a deeper understanding about each regions wines.

At night, events knowns as Offs are held to get the buyers more up close and personal with the winemakers.

Grenache Night-DVR

Tuesday April 16th starting at 1830 hrs is Grenache Night, hosted by the Grenache Association during Decouvertes du Rhone will be held in Avignon. 

The location is at the famed Chez Brasserie de l horlogeAvignon, France.

Ventoux Rising

Wednesday April 17th starting at 1800 hrs and hosted by the Ventoux Producers, this first time event features Domaine Vintur, Clos de Trias, Martinelle, Chene Bleu, Chateau UnangChateau Pesquie, Domaine St. Jean de Barroux and others.

Join the Ventoux Cru at the bistronomic eatery, Maison Ripirt, 22 Rue de la Bonneterie, Avignon for two hours of past and present wines.

Toutes Caves Ouvertes Montpeyroux

Sunday April 21st starting at 10 AM

Every year for the past 20 years in April the Languedoc winemaking village of Montpeyroux turns the center of town into a wine carnival, as all the streets become wine storefronts for the 25 or so wineries opening their caves to the public. Tastings, food, music and more are there for all day event.

INDIGENES Salon des Vins

INDIGENES. is the new Northern Catelonia and Occitane wine fest that makes its debut in Perpignan on the Sunday April 28th and Monday the 29th at the Church of the Domenicans.

Already 90 winemakers are attending what will be all about Catelonia and the Occitane.

June 2019

McLaren Vale Sea & Vines Festival

June 8th-10th  in Australia,

When it comes to one of the more exotic and exciting locales for wine in the world, Australian’s southern coast offers the McLaren Vale. And in June, the Vale will be home to the annual Sea and Vines Festival.

Just east of Adelaide is the wine growing region that is rich in bold and bodacious reds, racy whites and some of the most charming and generous winemakers anywhere.

Check out what’s happening down under this June.