2019 Marabino Rosso di Contrada Sicilia

Today’s WineSider Wine of the Day is the 2019 Marabino Rosso di Contrada which exemplifies the artistry of Sicilian winemaking, especially from the organic and biodynamic perspectives. The 2019 vintage hails from the sun-drenched landscapes of Southeast Sicily, where the Marabino winery dedicates itself to expressing the full potential of local grape varietals through natural farming techniques.

Marabino’s approach to viticulture emphasizes harmony with nature, utilizing organic and biodynamic methods to cultivate vines that are robust and expressive of their terroir. The winery’s commitment to minimal intervention extends from the vineyard to the cellar, aiming to produce wines that are true representations of their origin.

The 2019 Rosso di Contrada is crafted primarily from Nero d’Avola, Sicily’s flagship grape, known for its bold flavors and adaptability to the region’s climate. The 2019 vintage presents a deep ruby hue, with an aromatic bouquet that blends notes of black cherries, plums, and a touch of herbal undertones, indicative of the organic practices employed during cultivation.

On the palate, the wine is medium-bodied with a structure that balances fruit intensity with acidity, making it both approachable and age-worthy. The tannins are soft yet present, adding depth and leading to a clean, persistent finish that echoes with hints of spice and earthy nuances. At nearly age five the red wine shows how well it is developing in the bottle with at least another 5-7 years to go, but likely more with proper cellaring

Marabino’s 2019 Rosso di Contrada is incredibly versatile at the table. Its combination of fruit and acidity pairs wonderfully with Sicilian cuisine, such as pasta alla norma or grilled lamb. It also complements dishes with rich tomato-based sauces or aged cheeses, making it a go-to choice for varied culinary encounters.

The Marabino Rosso di Contrada 2019 is more than just a red wine to throw back and guzzle as it’s a reflection of Sicilian heritage and the winery’s dedication to ecological winemaking practices. For enthusiasts eager to explore high-quality, sustainably produced Sicilian wines, this bottle represents both tradition and innovation. It is a stellar choice for those who appreciate wines that speak of their place and principles. And that’s why the 2019 Malabino Rosso di Contrada is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day.

2020 Hegybor Vulkan Pinot Blanc

Today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day spotlights the 2020 Hegybor Vulkan Pinot Blanc, an exceptional find from Hungary’s volcanic soils. This unique white wine brings a fresh perspective to the Pinot Blanc varietal thanks to its vibrant terroir-driven profile and innovative winemaking techniques.

The Essence of Volcanic Viticulture

The Hegybor Vulkan originates from the Köhegy vineyard, a region celebrated for its rich volcanic soil, which imparts a distinctive minerality to the wines. This terroir is not just a backdrop but a central character in the story of this wine. It offers a vivid reflection of its origin, with mineral elements that are almost tactile in their intensity.

Winemaking That Honors Tradition and Innovation

Produced using spontaneous fermentation, a method that relies on natural yeasts present in the vineyard, this wine is a testament to the purity of its craftsmanship. The winemakers at Hegybor have embraced a hands-off approach, allowing the character of the Pinot Blanc grapes to express themselves without interference. The result is an unrefined and refined wine that is both raw and yet so sophisticated.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Aromas and Flavors

The 2020 Vulkan Pinot Blanc is a celebration of complexity and elegance. The bouquet opens with delicate floral notes, weaving through hints of tangerine, pear, and apricot. As the wine unfolds, it reveals layers of smoky undertones and a vibrant, exciting minerality that echoes the volcanic essence of its terroir.

On the palate, this wine is a study in balance. The lively acidity is perfectly countered by a silky texture, leading to a long, mineral-rich finish that invites contemplation. This wine not only tastes good but also tells a story with each sip.

Pairing Suggestions

The crispness and aromatic complexity of the Hegybor Vulkan make it exceptionally versatile at the table. It pairs beautifully with seafood dishes, like grilled octopus or scallops, where its minerality complements the briny flavors of the ocean. It is a white wine that will stand up well to the robust tastes of rich and robust Hungarian cuisine, such as a traditional Paprikash.

Why It’s Our Wine of the Day

As a WineSider, I’m continually looking for wines that taste extraordinary and encapsulate the spirit of their place. The 2020 Hegybor Vulkan Pinot Blanc does just that. It’s more than a wine; it’s a geographic narrative, a bottle that carries the essence of its volcanic homeland to your table.

So, raise a glass to the uniqueness of the place and process with today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, the Hegybor Vulkan promises an unforgettable journey through one of Hungary’s most distinctive landscapes.

The 2020 Hegybor Vulkan Pinot Blanc is not just a wine; it’s a fine example to the beauty of the under discovered Hungarian viticulture, where each bottle tells the story of its origin. Embrace that journey with today’s WineSider Wine of the Day, the 2020 Hegybor Vulkan Pinot Blanc, and discover the profound impact of terroir on taste.

2019 Domaine de Mourchon Cotes du Rhone

The 2019 Domaine de Mourchon Côtes du Rhône is is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day!!! It hails from the Seguret region in France. While other appellations in the Rhone Valley are better known, the overlook hilltop vineyard site is makes for for wines that are rich in flavor, with a blend of traditional Rhône varietals—likely Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre.

The 2019 vintage was a year that provided good growing conditions across the Rhône Valley, allowing winemakers to produce wines with ripe fruit flavors and well-balanced acidity.

On the nose, the Mourchon Côtes du Rhône offers a bouquet brimming with ripe red fruits of strawberries and raspberries, intermingling with hints of Provencal herbs, black pepper, and perhaps a whiff of violets. With Syrah playing a prominent role in the blend the 2019 CdR has that telltale blueberry and black pepper spice that makes it oh so nice. And given what’s typical for these wines to possess, it also has a certain earthiness, with subtle undertones of leather and minerals.

Tasting this wine confirms the nose’s promises, with a medium to full body caressing the palate, offering a tapestry of flavors that echo the aromatic profile. The fruit flavors are ripe but not overly so, with a freshness that speaks of the altitude at which the grapes were grown. The tannins are present but well-integrated, providing structure without overpowering the fruit. The finish is lingering, with a spicy kick that’s characteristic of Rhône blends, inviting another sip.

Given its elegance and complexity, this Côtes du Rhône paired splendidly with a range of foods, from grilled meats to hearty vegetable stews. It’s a wine that is very approachable now but could also benefit from a few years of cellaring, allowing the flavors to meld and evolve further.

The Mourchon Côtes du Rhône 2019 promised to be a well-structured wine with a symphony of ripe fruits, spice, and earthy notes—a classic representation of its appellation that would appeal to connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

That’s why the 2019 Domaine du Mourchon Côtes du Rhône is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day!!!

2022 Syncline Grüner Veltliner

In the ever-evolving world of wine, where trends can be as fleeting as the seasons, it’s a joy to discover a bottle that stands out with a character as pronounced as the landscape from which it hails.

The 2022 Syncline Grüner Veltliner is a wonderful example of the unique terroir and the skilled hands that brought it to life. Hailing from Columbia Gorge, the 2022 Syncline Grüner Veltliner is an expressive, refreshing, and sophisticated wine with notes of green apple, ripe pear, and a peppery finish, perfect for various culinary pairings. That’s why the 2022 Syncline Grüner Veltliner is today’s WineSiders Wine of The Day.

Syncline Wine Cellars has always had a knack for capturing the essence of their estate-grown grapes, and this Grüner Veltliner is no exception. The Columbia Gorge, straddling the border between Washington and Oregon, is renowned for its diverse microclimates, and Syncline has harnessed this climatic potpourri to produce a wine that is both expressive and refreshing.

Upon pouring, the wine greets you with a pale, straw-like hue, suggesting a lightness that is affirmed by its crisp aroma. A hint of white pepper dances amidst the dominant notes of green apple and ripe pear, typical of the varietal, while subtle hints of citrus blossom add complexity to the bouquet.

The palate is where this Grüner Veltliner genuinely shines. It’s lively, with a zesty acidity that brings forth lime and green melon flavors. The minerality is well-defined, echoing the stony soils of the vineyard, and there’s a delightful peppery note on the finish that is both invigorating and satisfying.

With only nine barrels produced, this offering is as exclusive as it is exceptional. It’s a versatile wine, capable of complementing a wide array of dishes, from fresh seafood to spicier Asian cuisines. The modest 11.7% alcohol by volume ensures that it can be enjoyed without overpowering the palate, making it perfect for an afternoon soiree or an elegant dinner.

The 2022 Syncline Grüner Veltliner is a superb reflection of its origin, delivering a sophisticated and well-balanced experience. It’s a wine that speaks of its roots and the vision and dedication of the vintners who crafted it. That;s why the 2022 Syncline Grüner Veltliner is today’s WineSiders Wine of The Day.

2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho Pico Azores

The 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho is a tribute to Pico’s heroic viticulture. This vibrant Verdelho balances tropical notes with minerality, embodying the Azores island’s volcanic terroir and winemakers’ audacious spirit. It’s a wine that narrates the tales of its origins, making it a true hero’s drink. That’s why the 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day!

The winey name translates to “Between Stones,” while the wine celebrates the winemakers’ bold spirit, delivering an experience as heroic as its origins. The Verdelho grape, a variety that thrives in the island’s climate, presents a fresh, aromatic profile with hints of tropical fruits, balanced acidity, and a minerality reminiscent of the sea-sprayed stones among which it grows. At 12.5% alcohol, it achieves a perfect equilibrium between potency and elegance, making it a versatile companion to the region’s rich seafood or a refreshing aperitif on its own.

What sets the 2022 vintage apart is the narrative contained within each sip. The label’s proclamation, “Viticulture of the crazy, made by true heroes,” is not mere rhetoric. It celebrates the relentless pursuit of excellence in the face of adversity. It is a salute to the path less traveled, the life chosen by these winemakers—a life among the stones.

Upon opening, the 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho greets the nose with a vibrant bouquet of green apple and citrus zest, complemented by subtle floral undertones that evoke the island’s endemic flora. The crispness of freshly sliced pear and the succulence of ripe melon are immediately apparent on the palate. A thread of minerality weaves through the tasting experience, a tribute to the basaltic stones scattered among the vineyards, giving this wine distinctive textural complexity.

The finish is long and revitalizing, with lingering acidity reminiscent of the bracing sea air of the Azores. The wine’s balance is showcased here, a harmonious interplay between fruit, minerality, and acidity that captures the essence of its origin.

Entre Pedras winery, emblematic of Pico’s tenacious winegrowers, offers us a Verdelho that is a product of its environment and creators. The 2022 vintage is a story captured in a bottle, set amidst a landscape of basaltic rock, each stone narrating a tale of the island’s volcanic past and the indomitable spirit of its people.

As you navigate through D.O. Pico’s rugged terrain, where vines combat volcanic soil and fierce Atlantic winds, you discover the essence of heroic viticulture in the 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho. This wine is more than a beverage; it is a testament to the audacity of winemakers who embrace the wildness of nature to craft something truly magnificent against overwhelming odds. The 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho truly reflects the determination of Pico’s viticulturists, who traverse a labyrinth of stone walls to care for their vines, with the label’s bold declaration — “Viticulture of the crazy, made by true heroes” — is a celebration of this relentless pursuit of winemaking in such an untamed landscape. 

So, as we enjoy the 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho, let’s raise a glass to the ‘loucos of Pico’—the mad ones who, in their lunacy, brave the elements to deliver a piece of Pico in a glass. Theirs is a labor of love and lunacy; we are all richer for it. Their dedication is our indulgence, and for that, we savor each drop with gratitude, making the 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day!!!

2022 Listrão dos Profetas Vinho do P. Santo

The 2022 Listrão dos Profetas Vinho do P. Santo redefines Madeiran wine, proving the island’s offerings surpass the traditional sweet profile. This dry white wine, borne of ancient vines and innovative winemaking, invites connoisseurs to explore Madeira’s diverse and surprising viticulture, challenging stereotypes and revealing a nuanced palate that celebrates the island’s rich yet evolving winemaking heritage, and that’s why the 2022 Listrão dos Profetas Vinho do P. Santo is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day.

When one thinks of Madeiran wine, the immediate association is often with its famed sweet, fortified offerings, a staple in the world of fine dining, and a historic favorite that has warmed many a parlor with its rich, caramel notes. However, the winds of change are gusting through the vineyards of this storied island, carrying with them a revelation in the form of wines like the Listrão dos Profetas – a wine that challenges the very stereotype of Madeira’s sweet-only viniculture.

Upon first glance, the bottle of Listrão dos Profetas Vinho do P. Santo speaks to a heritage deeply rooted in Madeira’s winemaking tradition, yet it hints at innovation. The collaboration of winemakers António Maçanita and local restauranteur Nuno Faria is a testament to the progressive exploration of an ancient terroir. It’s an exploration that has unearthed a different kind of treasure from the volcanic soils and oceanic climate: a dry white wine that stands in bold contrast to the sweet stereotype.

When you look at the wine, it first presents a luminous straw-yellow hue, suggesting a youthful vigor. It clings to the glass with a graceful viscosity upon swirling, hinting at its textured complexity. The initial aromatic bouquet hits you with sea spray and fresh citrus zest, an ode to the wine’s Atlantic lineage. As it opens, there’s the emergence of delicate white flowers, underpinned by a subtle herbaceousness reminiscent of the green, verdant landscapes of Madeira. A whisper of volcanic minerality lingers in the background, providing an earthy counterpoint to the wine’s freshness.

On the palate, the wine defies expectations with a dry, crisp flavor, making this ideal for sushi, spicy Asian cuisine, or shellfish of all kinds. It carries the salinity of its coastal terroir into a symphony of flavors where green apple and pear dance with racy, tangy lemon acidity. The mid-palate unfolds with a gentle almond nuttiness, a vestige of the island’s varied flora. There is depth here, a structure that speaks to the Listrão grape’s resilience, supported by a backbone of minerality that echoes the volcanic soils from which it springs.

The finish is persistent, leaving a trail of nuanced flavors that invite contemplation. There’s a drying sensation akin to the touch of a sea breeze on the skin, coupled with a refreshing acidity that beckons another sip. It’s in this lingering aftertaste that one truly appreciates the wine’s complexity and the deft craftsmanship of its makers.

This 2022 vintage of Listrão dos Profetas Vinho do P. Santo, its second, is a testament to the diversification of Madeira’s viticulture. It’s a wine that commands attention, not through overt power, but through an elegant display of balance and terroir-driven character. It’s an exemplar for dry Madeiran whites, a category that is all too often overshadowed by the island’s famed fortified wines.

The Listrão, a variety resilient and enduring as the islanders themselves, is cultivated in vineyards that whisper tales of survival and resistance. The dazzling white wine is a product of grapevines that have witnessed centuries pass, a wine that is ‘protected from the ocean fog and more wind than it likes’ – an embodiment of Madeira’s dynamic environment.

This wine is not merely a drink but a narrative in liquid form. It carries within it the story of a region’s evolution, from the early days of discovery by Portuguese sailors to the present, where modern vintners like Maçanita and Faria are redefining what Madeira wine can be. This wine is a testament to the fact that the island’s viticulture is as multifaceted as its landscape, producing wines that can surprise even the most seasoned aficionados with their complexity and variety.

Breaking away from the traditional image of Madeira, the Listrão dos Profetas is a clarion call to all wine lovers to reassess their perceptions. It reminds us that Madeira’s wine identity is not monolithic but is as diverse and surprising as the island’s history of explorers and conquerors. 

This dry white wine, with its unique terroir expression and the story of its creation, is a beacon for the curious and the adventurous. It is an entry to explore beyond the well-trodden path of the sweet and into the nuanced and the profound. For those with a palate attuned to the subtleties of wine, the 2022 Listrão dos Profetas is not just a divergence from the expected; it is a revelation. It is proof that Madeira, much like its wines, cannot be confined to a single category but must be experienced in all its varied and delightful expressions.

Moreover, the 2022 Listrão dos Profetas is not just a wine; it’s a narrative of resilience, a proof of innovation, and a challenge to preconceived notions. It’s an invitation to rediscover Madeira through a different lens, one that appreciates the full spectrum of its vinous potential. It’s a reminder that even in a place steeped in tradition, there’s always room for something new, something unexpected, something that can change perceptions one sip at a time.

And that’s why the 2022 Listrão dos Profetas Vinho do P. Santo is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day.

2021 Herdade da Comporta Branco

The 2021 Herdade da Comporta Branco is a vibrant white blend from Portugal, offering a symphony of ripe citrus and orchard fruits with a persistent mineral finish. It encapsulates the essence of its unique terroir, promising an aromatic, fresh experience with each glass. When you add all that up, that’s why the 2021 Herdade da Comporta Branco is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day!!!

In the glass, the wine glistens with a youthful vibrancy, hinting at the fresh and aromatic character that awaits. A blend of Antão Vaz, Arinto, Malvasia Fina, and Fernão Pires, this white blend brings together the best of traditional Portuguese viticulture with a modern twist.

The first sip reveals a palate balanced by poised acidity, mirroring the environment in which these grapes thrive. There’s an undeniable minerality, a whisper of the nearby Atlantic, complementing the subtle notes of ripe citrus and orchard fruits. The finish is persistent, leaving behind a trace of sandy soil and a desire for the next sip.

The 2021 Herdade da Comporta Branco is a vibrant white blend from Portugal, offering a symphony of ripe citrus and orchard fruits with a persistent mineral finish. It encapsulates the essence of its unique terroir, promising an aromatic, fresh experience with each glass.

Nestled in the tranquil plains slightly above sea level, protected by ancient dunes, Herdade da Comporta is a gem waiting to be discovered by those who revere the art of winemaking. The 2021 vintage is a testament to the unique terroir of this region, where the sandy soils and maritime influence conspire to create something truly special.

The 2021 Herdade da Comporta Branco is more than a wine; it’s a narrative of its home, a dialogue between nature and nurture. This bottle is not just crafted; it is carefully composed, like a piece of music that resonates long after the last note is played.

For those who seek a companion to their culinary adventures, this wine is versatile. Whether paired with the robust seafood flavors or enjoyed as a solo act, it promises to elevate the dining experience.

As you uncork this bottle, let it breathe, and it will whisper stories of its origin—stories of gentle breezes, sun-kissed vines, and the tranquility of Comporta.

Here’s to the journey of discovery, one glass at a time. That’s why the 2021 Herdade da Comporta Branco is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day!!!

2022 Esporão Colheita Branco

Upon delving into the rich tapestry of the 2022 Esporão Colheita Branco, we encounter a wine steeped in the heritage of the Alentejo region that’s a testament to the enduring legacy of Herdade do Esporão. This wine carries the weight of tradition while embracing the modern organic practice, making it today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day.

The bouquet reveals aromas of citrus, mainly fresh grapefruit, alongside tropical fruit and green leaf notes, culminating in a complex and intense palate engulfing richness with a creamy texture that’s all balanced by a deep and persistent finish.

Crafted from a blend of Verdelho, Alvarinho, Viosinho, Gouveio, and Arinto grapes, each contributing to a vibrant and direct flavor profile, the 2022 Esporão Colheita White (Branco) is an excellent example of how taking a different direction in winemaking can be rewarding. The grapes, nurtured in schist rock with a loamy clay structure, are partially fermented in concrete tanks and left on fine lees for four months. This process, steeped in the winery’s commitment to organic viticulture, ensures a final product that resonates with intensity and authenticity.

The Esporão Colheita is a harmonious blend of ancient tradition and modern sensibilities, reflecting the Alentejo’s rich winemaking heritage. Herdade do Esporão’s commitment to organic farming and environmental stewardship, and that’s why the 2022 Esporão Colheita Branco is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day.


2022 Herdade de Esporão Reserva DOC Alentejo Portugal

The 2022 Esporão Reserva Branco (white wine) from Alentejo shines with organic viticulture, delivering a symphony of citrus and tropical notes paired with a commitment to tradition and sustainability that resonates in every glass, making it today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day.

It is an exquisite reflection of the Alentejo region’s potential to create white wines that rival the complexity and depth of their red counterparts. This particular vintage encapsulates the vibrancy of local grape varieties, underpinned by sustainable and organic viticultural practices.

On the palate, one might expect a crisp acidity balanced by a lush texture, a hallmark of the Alentejo whites. Look for layers of citrus and tropical fruits, possibly mingling with floral notes and a minerality that speaks to the limestone-rich soils of the region. The winemaking process likely involved careful aging in both steel and oak, imparting subtle hints of spice and a whisper of creaminess without overwhelming the wine’s intrinsic freshness.

Esporão’s 2022 White Reserva is versatile in pairing, brightening dishes like grilled fish, creamy risottos, or even a simple Alentejo-style gazpacho. It’s a wine that complements a meal and enhances the dining experience, inviting the drinker to savor each moment, and that’s why it’s today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day!!!

2020 Herdade dos Grous

In the world of wine, every vintage tells a story, and the 2020 Herdade dos Grous Alentejano is no exception. This particular tale is woven with strands of adversity, adaptation, and triumph from the sun-kissed vineyards of Portugal’s Alentejo region, and that’s why it’s today’s Winesiders Wine of the Day.

The 2020 Herdade dos Grous is a triumphant testament to Alentejo’s resilience. A complex blend aged in French oak, it reflects the winery’s sustainable ethos and the region’s adaptability amidst a challenging vintage, promising a palate of elegance and the enduring spirit of its terroir.

2020 Herdade dos Grous: A Symphony of Varietals

The 2020 Herdade dos Grous Vinho Regional Alentejano is a harmonious blend of Aragonez, Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional, and Syrah—varietals that each contribute a unique verse to the symphony of flavors. The estate’s commitment to sustainability and the art of winemaking is evident in every sip of this complex, fruit-forward wine, aged for nine months in the finest French oak barrels.

A Profile of Complexity and Elegance|

On the palate, the wine offers a medley of ripe fruits layered with subtle spice and the well-integrated warmth of oak. The tannins are as smooth as velvet, a testament to the meticulous aging process that the winery champions. It is a wine that speaks of the land from which it hails, a land of extremes, where the hot Iberian sun meets the cool Atlantic breeze. 

And that’s why the 2020 Herdade dos Grous Alentejano is today’s Winesiders Wine of the Day.