2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho Pico Azores

The 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho is a tribute to Pico’s heroic viticulture. This vibrant Verdelho balances tropical notes with minerality, embodying the Azores island’s volcanic terroir and winemakers’ audacious spirit. It’s a wine that narrates the tales of its origins, making it a true hero’s drink. That’s why the 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day!

The winey name translates to “Between Stones,” while the wine celebrates the winemakers’ bold spirit, delivering an experience as heroic as its origins. The Verdelho grape, a variety that thrives in the island’s climate, presents a fresh, aromatic profile with hints of tropical fruits, balanced acidity, and a minerality reminiscent of the sea-sprayed stones among which it grows. At 12.5% alcohol, it achieves a perfect equilibrium between potency and elegance, making it a versatile companion to the region’s rich seafood or a refreshing aperitif on its own.

What sets the 2022 vintage apart is the narrative contained within each sip. The label’s proclamation, “Viticulture of the crazy, made by true heroes,” is not mere rhetoric. It celebrates the relentless pursuit of excellence in the face of adversity. It is a salute to the path less traveled, the life chosen by these winemakers—a life among the stones.

Upon opening, the 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho greets the nose with a vibrant bouquet of green apple and citrus zest, complemented by subtle floral undertones that evoke the island’s endemic flora. The crispness of freshly sliced pear and the succulence of ripe melon are immediately apparent on the palate. A thread of minerality weaves through the tasting experience, a tribute to the basaltic stones scattered among the vineyards, giving this wine distinctive textural complexity.

The finish is long and revitalizing, with lingering acidity reminiscent of the bracing sea air of the Azores. The wine’s balance is showcased here, a harmonious interplay between fruit, minerality, and acidity that captures the essence of its origin.

Entre Pedras winery, emblematic of Pico’s tenacious winegrowers, offers us a Verdelho that is a product of its environment and creators. The 2022 vintage is a story captured in a bottle, set amidst a landscape of basaltic rock, each stone narrating a tale of the island’s volcanic past and the indomitable spirit of its people.

As you navigate through D.O. Pico’s rugged terrain, where vines combat volcanic soil and fierce Atlantic winds, you discover the essence of heroic viticulture in the 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho. This wine is more than a beverage; it is a testament to the audacity of winemakers who embrace the wildness of nature to craft something truly magnificent against overwhelming odds. The 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho truly reflects the determination of Pico’s viticulturists, who traverse a labyrinth of stone walls to care for their vines, with the label’s bold declaration — “Viticulture of the crazy, made by true heroes” — is a celebration of this relentless pursuit of winemaking in such an untamed landscape. 

So, as we enjoy the 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho, let’s raise a glass to the ‘loucos of Pico’—the mad ones who, in their lunacy, brave the elements to deliver a piece of Pico in a glass. Theirs is a labor of love and lunacy; we are all richer for it. Their dedication is our indulgence, and for that, we savor each drop with gratitude, making the 2022 Entre Pedras Verdelho today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day!!!