2016 D’Andezon Cotes du Rhone

One of the joys of hunting out great wine finds is coming across wines like those made under the d’Andezon label by the Rhone Valley’s Vignerons d’Estézargues, which is one of the top cooperatives in the region. Their top contributors approach basically makes it a winemaker’s atelier, where those with great fruit can turn out great wines that can rival many of the known big names like Joubalet, Guigal and Perrin as the D’Andezon wines have been that way for many year, 

Made predominantly from Syrah, with a small amount of Grenache that brings some softness to the wine, the Andezon Cotes du Rhone is one of those “it can’t be” when you look at the price and realize what an awesome value it really is.

While no one would confuse this wine with the 2016 Clape Cotes du Rhone, which is also made from Syrah, for 1/5th the price the d’Andezon gives alot more value for money than most wines in its price range. 

That’s why the 2016 d’Andezon Cotes du Rhone is today’s WineSiders’ Wine of The Day!!!