2017 Domaine du Tunnel Saint Peray Roussanne

The Domaine du Tunnel Saint Peray Roussanne is one of those deceptive wines that starts dumb and ends up smart. Your taste it at first and it is simply just a subdued white wine. Then about ten to fifteen minutes in the glass it just knocks you over with the mineral base, the crispness of the body and the rich layer of dried apricots, white pears and a hint of violets.

The wine has a vibrancy that gets awakened by food, like a leafy green salad or a hunk of chèvre. As vibrant and complex as it is, the wine has a ton of subtle nuances that are both charming and endearing.

When it comes to Northern Rhône producers, you can always trust Tunnel for Stephane Robert’s reds as well as his whites, and that’s why the 2017 Domaine du Tunnel Saint Peray is today’s WineSiders’ Wine of The Day.