2018 Domaine Jaume Generations

For many years I have been a fan of Domaine Jaume, the boutique producer near Vinosobres in the northern end of the Southern Rhone Valley. Not to be confused with the family of the same name behind Grand Veneur, the family Jaume makes exciting wines from old vines that fall into what I call “eating persons” wines.  

An eating person is one who savors great cooking, but doesn’t go to the “starred” restaurants, and finds satisfaction in the bouchons of Lyon, the wistubes of Alsace and the bistros and brasseries that are so common across France.

The 2018 Domaine Jaume “Generations” is exactly that kind of wine. A well-balanced blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, the Generations has been a staple for me since the 2010 vintage (which BTW is drinking very well today) as my go to wine that accompanies hearty, rich, savory and spicy belly filling food. It’s bright fruit, spicy notes and plum like finish all give it the kind of heft and weight, but in a delicate way, that makes this wine a multi-dimensional food wine.

That’s why, the 2018 Domaine Jaume “Generations” is today’s WineSiders’ Wine of the Day!!!