2018 Saint Amant Le Borry

The 2018 Saint Amant Le Borry is one of those jewel like wines that comes from a mountaintop vineyard overlooking Beaume-de-Venise in the Rhone Valley. 

Liquified gold in color, the blend of 95 percent Viognier and five percent Roussanne is not your typical Viognier, as it’s anything but in the style of a Condrieu from the Northern Rhone. Here the influence of the mountains in the south, and the warm breezes from the Med give the Saint Amant flagship white a flavor profile all of its own. Limestone drives the tropical flavors while the delicate flavors of peach and pear come through elegantly.

That’s why the 2018 Saint Amant Le Borry   is today’s WineSiders Wine of The Day.