2019 Domaine de Marquiliani Rose de Pauline

If there is a lighter colored rose than the Domaine de Marquiliani Rose de Pauline on the planet,  it has yet to be found. This almost translucent pink wine is pure dynamite in a bottle. Made from a combination of Sciaccarellu, Syrah and Vermentino and grown on a combination of schist and gravel, the almost white colored rose has since its USA debut been one of the most consistent wines around.

Light in color, big in body, fresh in flavor, the more pale colored pink wine of the two made by this small producer never disappoints. It has depth, with blackberry and blueberry notes, surrounded by an almost saline like quality captured from the vineyard’s proximity to the sea.  Perfume like in aromas, but feather light on the palate, the Rose de Pauline is a can’t miss hit when it comes to Rose.

That’s why the 2019 Domaine de Marquiliani Rose de Pauline is today’s WineSiders Wine of The Day

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