2022 Ole de Aromas

The 2022 Ole de Aromas Bobal is a testament to the rich tapestry of Spanish winemaking, hailing from Manchuela, a region gaining recognition for its quality vintages. Bodega la Cepa de Pelayo is the winery behind this expressive bottle. There, the winemaking team practices organic and sustainable viticulture, ensuring that each sip carries the unadulterated essence of the terroir.

The wine is made from 100% Bobal grapes, a varietal native to the southeast of Spain. It is cherished for its ability to produce deeply colored, aromatic wines that retain a delightful freshness. The 2022 Ole de Aromas Bobal captures this balance, presenting a medium-bodied experience that is both complex and accessible.

A look at the wine in the glass reveals a raspberry hue with a hint of violet, characteristic of Bobal wines, whose tears stain the glass, indicating its body and depth. The wine offers remarkable intensity on the nose, exuding aromas of fresh red and black fruits like sour strawberry, raspberry, cherry, plum, currant, and blueberry. These fruity notes are complemented by herbaceous hints and the enchanting aroma of floral violets, a signature of the varietal’s typicity.

The wine’s palate is a harmony of sweet fruit flavors with a rugged structure, a testament to its 7-month aging in concrete tanks. With lees contact, this method intensifies the wine’s aromatic profile while softening its texture. Its low 13.5% alcohol level, acidity, and depleted sugar content all contribute to the wine’s dry profile and pleasant mouthfeel.

The 2022 Ole de Aromas Bobal is a vibrant and soulful expression from Manchuela. Its combination of organic farming, indigenous grape variety, and thoughtful winemaking techniques yields a wine that speaks of its origin and the passion behind its creation. It’s a bottle that promises to offer a unique experience to both the seasoned oenophile and the curious novice eager to explore the rich diversity of Spain’s viticultural offerings. And that’s why the 2022 Ole de Aromas Bobal is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day!!