Domaine Vintur L’Effervescence

Part of the fun of doing deep dives into wine regions, like France’s Ventoux, is the opportunity to make new discoveries of wines from producers bubbling under the radar of many. 

Take James Wood, who has over the past decade been mastering his craft at Domaine Vintur, at the base of the famed Tour De France hill climb location, Mount Ventoux.

Vintur makes impeccable pink, red and white wines of lovely character and distinction, but it was the bubbly, affectionately named L’Effervescence, that just simply sparkled at Decouvertes du Rhone and at the Ventoux Rising OFF.

Made from 85% Bouboulenc and 15% Roussanne, the Effervescence clocks in at a lowly 11.5 percent of alcohol, making this an ideal summer poolside bubbly, or fantastic base for yummy mimosas made with papaya or mangos.

Vinified so there’s zero residual sugar, the Effervescence’s lively palate of dancing fruit charm gives off flavors of sub-tropical oranges, lemons, and nectarines, plus a good swift kick of ripe honeydew melon.

And that’s why the Domaine Vintur Effervescence is today’s WineSiders’ Wine of The Day!!!