2016 Domaine Lavantureux Chablis

The wines of Roland Lavantureux have always been on the list of favorites year after year since the 90s. Whether it’s the Premier Cru Fourcharme, the all stainless steel vinified Petite Chablis or just the Chablis, their white wines from Burgundy’s Chablis region are always nothing less than sensational.

The 2016 Domaine Lavantureux Chablis is one of those go to wines that stands out in the field of Chardonnays, which are often viewed as oaky, buttery, toasted and almond flavored. Lavantureux’s Chablis is none of that.

What you do get is the pure, minerally, green apple, the striking citrus flavors of lime and lemon and Bartlett pears, with a hint of summer flowers and spice that entice you to go for more before you finish the first glass. 

The wine is not blowsy the way some California Chardonnay’s seem to be that entice so many people to drink them. Instead you get a wine of sophistication and silk. One that is at home as much with a fish or oyster dish as it is with some fresh blue or goat cheese.

And that’s why, the 2016 Domaine Lavantureux Chablis is today’s WineSiders’ Wine of The Day!!!

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