2016 Le Roc de Anges Segna de Cor

Le Roc de Anges is one of those producers you just need to know about.

As someone who has been cellaring and drinking the exquisite wines from this husband and wife team in the hills of the Roussillion Cotes Catelanes region near Maury, the 2016 Segna de Cor is one to seek out.

The wine is a blend of very old Carignan, Syrah and Grenache vines grown on the desolate lunar landscape. The blackberry, blueberry and lush strawberries encircle a warm chocolate like center. Toss in the Northern Rhone olive and herbs aromas and you have a wine to kill for. It’s also built to age.

That’s why the 2016 Le Roc de Anges Segna de Cor is today’s Winesiders’ Wine of The Day.