2016 Domaine Saint Amant Beaumes-de-Venise Grangeneuve

The Domaine Saint Amant Beaumes-de-Venise Grangeneuve from the 2016 vintage. is a ripe and rich blend of Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, and Viogner that is really hitting stride. Produced in the tiny winery that sits atop one of the highest peaks in the Southern Rhone, the flagship wine from Camille Wallut, has gone from its’ younger and primary fruit forward flavor to a more complex and tightly integrated knitted wine.

While it still has that silky texture of red and black fruit, the more subtle aromas of lavender and lilac, along with richer plums, raspberries, black sweet cherries and some blueberries and white pepper are now showing in a multi-dimensional cornucopia off delights.

Still in a youthful state at almost age five, the vibrancy in the Saint Amant Grangeneuve shows the richness and depth that’s possible in red wines from Beaumes-de-Venise, one of the Rhone Valley’s smaller appellations, that is better known more for its sweet Muscat based white wine.

That’s why the 2016 Saint Amant Grangeneuve is today’s WineSiders Wine of The Day!!!