2018 Azores Wine Company Tinto Vulcanico

Of late the exploration of wines from island vineyards has taken a turn to the Azores. Part of Portugal, the volcanic nature of the Azores (Acores) islands give the wines a unique and distinctive character.

One of the better producers found on the Azores is The Azores Wine Company and the 2018 Tinto Vulcanico is a wine to behold.

Made from a medley of grapes including Aragonês, Agronómica, Castelão,
Malvarisco, Merlot, Touriga Nacional,
Saborinho, Syrah and others, the Tinto Vulcanico is sheer delight in the glass with it’s ruby red color, vibrant bouquet and lingering finish of cherries, licorice and cloves.

That’s why the 2018 Azores Wine Company Tinto Vulcanico is today’s WineSiders Wine of the Day.